Pageturners Discussion of Peter Carey’s Amnesia

Amnesia by Peter Carey
Amnesia by Peter Carey

Amnesia by Peter Carey resulted in a lot of discussion not just about the book but issues such as technology, terrorism, cybercrime, politics and Australian history.

Comments included mixed feelings about the book from the group:

First time I have read one of his books, I liked it, Couldn’t finish it – it was terrible, I didn’t understand what it was about, Incoherent and gimmicky, It was quite nostalgic, Equal parts irritating and entertaining, Disappointed used it as a political platform, The story was a mess like the journalist, The three themes did not merge well, Drew characters really well, Wanted to keep reading, Conspiracy theories surrounding the 1975 dismissal, referred to real events, It was about computer hacking and cybercrime – I found that interesting, Was a really good romp at the beginning with a “Rake” type character – so illegal and so funny, It became disjointed, Enjoyed the story about Brisbane riots – didn’t know about them, profound criticism of our country, Loved it, Admired Gaby, – she wanted to show up corruption, Lots of contemporary Australian references, Like a David Williamson play, A lot related to 1975 and US butchering of democracy, Cultural cringe, Living so far away changes how you view things……and finally there is something to be said for a straightforward story. …see there was lots to talk about.

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