Pageturners: Go Set A Watchman


Pageturners talked about the much anticipated novel Go Set A Watchman by To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee. The lively conversation included discussions about the controversial nature about the launch of the book, race relations, the new view of Atticus, characters: Scout, Calpurnia, Mr O’Hanlon, the Aunt and the Uncle; a possible love affair and the potential for a spin off novel, current American politics, the meaning of the title, coming of age, changing views of parents, putting people on pedestals, segregation, context of the book, 1950s America, historical references, family, childhood memories, growing up, making up own mind, revisiting a small town, Jean Louise’s (Scout’s) view of her father and her own conscience.

Pageturners gave the book an average of 3 stars out of of 5.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th November at 5.30m to talk about an autobiography or biography of your own choosing. We also welcome suggestions for the December book to read.

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