Age of Magic Discussion


Age of Magic

The discussion about The Age of Magic by Ben Okri was quite passionate, – people loved it or disliked it. The opinions were so different it was hard to believe we were talking about the same book. Here are some of the comments:

I liked the ideas but it was disjointed

It is really quite fascinating and steeped in Western literature

It was a waste of time

I read less than a third, it just didn’t do it for me

It blew me over it was so intense

It is a terrible waste of paper and time

It was a bit too mystical

I couldn’t identify with any characters

It lacked an introduction or a conclusion and its meaning or significance was lost on me

It was full of images

It was very ambitious

It was full of imagery, was poetic and asked philosophical questions

He overdid it on the quotes and references

The style of book didn’t appeal to me

This is a book I will have on my shelf and re-read

Star ratings ranged from 1 to 4 out of 5.

**Next month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 April from 5.30pm to talk about works by and about or linked to Shakespeare.

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