Thumbs Up for The High Mountains of Portugal

High Mountains

Pageturners gave Yann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal fairly high scores out of five: 4, 3, 3 ¼, 5 for writing style, 2 for plot, 3 ½, 4 for the language, 3, 3 ½ and 3.

The story is divided into three parts and there were varying differences of view about each part – Homeless, Homeward and Home. We read lots of quotes from the book as we enjoyed the writing style so much. Comments included: very original thoughts and construction, quite a bit of humour, stories well linked, about loss and grief, about religion, allegory and fable, great visuals, the third part was most appealing, it had a melancholy tone, the bit about the car went on too long, the bit about Odo the chimpanzee was beautifully written, beautiful descriptive writing.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th June to talk about books on the Miles Franklin literary award longlist.  We want to hear who you think will win the award. See you then.

And the book for July 13 is The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende.


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