Pageturners predict Miles Franklin Win


The votes are in and the majority of Pageturners think The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood will be the winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award. The book dominated last night’s discussion about the longlisted books with comments such as written in an honest no sugar coating matter, brutal, it was compelling, I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened to them, and a review stated it has enormous power and packs a hell of a punch.

Black Rock, White City was also discussed – comments included portrayed very well, tensions, violence, nasty things happening, no nice happy characters, good picture of Melbourne, ordinary home in the suburbs, very well done, very original.

The World Without Us – characters portrayed interestingly and sympathetically, dealing with loss and impact on family and it is believable how each person deals with loss.

The next discussion will be held on Wednesday 13th July at 5.30pm to talk about The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende.




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