Miles Franklin Winner


Black rock


Congratulations to the winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award  A.S Patric for Black Rock, White City. ABC News reported Patrić will take home $60,000 for winning the nation’s top prize for fiction with his work, which highlights the immigration experience in Australia.

He took out the prize ahead of other award-winning writers Peggy Frew, Myfanwy Jones, Lucy Treloar and Charlotte Wood.

The book is set in the 1990s and follows the life of a couple, a former poet and academic, who escape war-torn Yugoslavia and end up living in Melbourne as cleaners.

Commenting on behalf of the judging panel, Richard Neville from the State Library of NSW said the work offered a “powerful and raw” account of the migrant experience in Australia

We also had one Pageturner guess the winner! Congratulations Patricia!

Read more about the awards here:


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