Shakespeare vs Tyler


Lots of 3.5/5 star ratings for this read Vinegar Girl by Pulitzer Prize winning author Anne Tyler  with her take on The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare and part of the Hogarth Shakespeare project.

Lots of discussion about the similarities between the two versions including the feisty “Kates”, tutors in disguise,  sisters, strange wedding attire, forced marriage etc. A lot of discussion too about the big speeches by the “Kates”.  According to Litlover’s discussion questions critics have been divided over the meaning of Shakespeare’s Kate’s speech in which she submits to her husband. Is it done with a wink (ironic) or spoken in earnest? What about Tyler’s Kate? We had lots to talk about right there.

Most people enjoyed the book and comments included: slow read, easy to read, good title, creative adaptation, improbable storyline, Kate in novel is very different to the play, it is a modern version, it was funny and they were a strange family.

Read more here about the Hogarth Shakespeare project. It will be some time before we see all the publications in the series:

Our next read will be The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith to be discussed on Wednesday 12th October at 5.30pm.



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