Freeing Peter Discussion


Freeing Peter by Peter, Andrew, Juris, Lois and Michael Greste was an interesting change of pace for Pageturners more used to reading fiction and talking about writing styles than a true story. This was a more robust discussion about colonialism, freedom of the press, Australians in jails around the world, foreign laws, life and death situations, media presence, Egyptian judicial system and family dynamics.

The book is unusual in that the story is told from the point of view of different family members and each write alternate paragraphs on the same situation giving insight into their differing views.

The rating system out of five stars ranged from 0 to 2 (yes zero – a first for us) from those who did not like the book but managed to finish it, to 4s for those who did enjoy it. So a real mix of reviews.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th December to discuss the latest book by Graeme Simsion The Best of Adam Sharp.

We also welcome suggestions for books to read and discuss in 2017. And for our first meeting of 2017 (Wednesday 8th February) we will be talking about The Good People by Hannah Kent. Also for this meeting we will be meeting  at a different venue  to be advised (let us know your suggestions)  because Orange City Library will be undergoing refurbishment in February 2017. See you next month.

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