Discussion for the Best of Adam Sharp


Thank you author Graeme Simsion for giving Pageturners lots to talk about in The Best of Adam Sharp. We had a really enjoyable and wide ranging discussion. And such a clever title too – like an album name, matching with the music in the storyline and soundtrack available on Spotify and Text Publishing and also fitting in with the struggles of the characters – do we see the best of the Adam Sharp?

Pageturners were again divided on this book on everything from the writing style to the characters and subject. Comments included: “OMG! Why are we reading my biography?” “the storyline was lacking,” “I enjoyed it more than The Rosie Effect,”loved all the song references,” “It got a bit weird,” “it is accessible writing,” I was pretty bored reading it,” “he did the male and female psychology well,” “I liked the reference to music, “there was an incredible use of alcohol – they over-imbibed,”  “one of the marriages was dysfunctional”,  “Charlie needed to be adored”, “the music didn’t resonate with me – it was a filler,” “a lot of moral aspects are raised in it,” “sending the email was being unfaithful,” “it was ghastly”, “Angelina was high maintenance,” “most people would like a second chance”, “it shows you can’t turn back the clock,” “it was about a mid-life crisis,” “Adam was out of his depth,” and  “it shows life is not tidy.”

So the ratings out of 5 came in mostly 2s and 3s, with a couple of 3.5s with one zero. Yes a zero.

Reading notes for the book state it is “about the guises love can take, the obvious or inexplicable ways it springs into being between people, and the different ways it can go wrong – and right.”

For more about the book, book soundtrack, including an interview with Graeme Simsion about his inspiration go to: https://www.textpublishing.com.au/books/the-best-of-adam-sharp

For book discussion notes go to: https://d2wzqffx6hjwip.cloudfront.net/text-publishing/assets/58/6e8fe0740811e690b82d4b1a4ed0c9/Simsion_BoAS_BCN.pdf

Next meeting

Pageturners will meet on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 5.30pm to discuss the next book by Hannah Kent called The Good People. Orange City Library will be undergoing an internal refurbishment from 27 January to 19 February and reopening at 9am on Monday 20 February. As a result the Pageturners meeting will be held off-site at a location to be announced on this blog closer to the time.

In the meantime, let us know your suggestions for books for discussion in 2017 and we wish you a Happy Christmas and lots of enjoyable holiday reading in the New Year!


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