Pageturners Rate The Dry



The Dry – a debut crime novel – by Jane Harper was the subject of a lively discussion with the Pageturners with everything from hidden clues, red herrings, characters, plot twists and turns talked about.

Three interesting discussion points were all the questions it left unanswered, the dramatic conclusion and whether this was believable, and the parallel storylines of the investigating police officer Aaron and the death of Ellie in his past.

Pageturners rated the book from 3.5 to 4.5 starts out of five. Here are some of their comments, “It kept me reading but I was not kept in suspense, it was intriguing, clever, kept me reading right till the end, I didn’t pick the killer, very tightly woven, all the characters had a role to play, the whole town disliked Aaron, it portrayed a small town in drought well, it was interesting to read descriptions of a drought-ridden landscape while we were going through a spate of hot weather, some of the reviews were over the top, it was a sign of the times with current issues, very descriptive, left more questions than it answered, pedestrian writing, good sense of place, the cops were very human, showed small town gossip and narrowmindedness, not a lot of surprises, and credible things happened in the story.”

 The next meeting will be held on April 12 to discuss The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John Le Carre.


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