Pageturners Read Camino Island

Camino Island

This book was described by one reviewer as “the perfect summer beach read literally about books on the beach.”

So the Pageturner ratings out of 5 for Camino Island by John Grisham ranged from 1 – 4. It made for a great discussion as we debated whether authors should stray from their respective genres. In this case as the New York Times stated John Grisham took a vacation from writing John Grisham (law) novels. We talked about the plot, characters, winners and losers, setting, writer characters in the book, the writing style, the hero and heroine, writer’s block, the rare book heist, the mechanics of the crime and the ending.

Comments from Pageturners included: “lightweight read, lacked gravitas of his earlier novels, lots of details about books, boring as batshit, read like a film script, enjoyed reading it, good easy read, far too neatly structured and devised, I grew sick of Provence antiques, there were some bits I really enjoyed like the lunch Mercer has with her father, it gave an insight into rare books, liked the short chapters, I wanted to read on to see what happened, so different to his other books, left little impression on me and no one paid for their crimes (there are a couple of exceptions).”

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th October at 5.30pm to discuss Robert Drewe’s new novel Whipbird.

PS. Ann and Patricia win the prize for guessing the Miles Franklin Award winner Josephine Wilson for Extinctions.

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