Vogel Literary Award Winner

Yellow House

Author Emily O’Grady has won the 2018 Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award with her novel The Yellow House.

The Yellow House is a powerful novel about loyalty and betrayal; about the legacies of violence and the possibilities of redemption.

Emily introduced her book, and its themes:

“The main character of my novel The Yellow House is a ten year old girl called Cub. She is thrown into a series of impossibly difficult experiences, and forced to contend with a level of horror beyond most people’s level of understanding. This book is set in semi-rural Queensland, a beautiful but often quite oppressive part of the world. It’s a story about people who live on the outskirts, geographically and also socially. Characters whose stories are rarely considered, and who are grappling with the aftermath of incomprehensible violence, characters who are rarely empathised with.”

Read more about the award on the Allen and Unwin website: https://www.allenandunwin.com/



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