Cedar Valley Read for November

small Cedar valley

Here’s a review for Holly Throsby’s Cedar Valley by Marie Matteson at Readings Carlton VIC:

“What is wonderful about Cedar Valley is the sense of a complete community. Throsby keeps a skilful pace, checking in with the towns inhabitants, both old and new. She moves you along so well at the pace of the people of Cedar Valley that you do not realise straightaway the ways in which she is subverting the expectations of the small-town mystery. Unlike the quiet small town with a mysterious death and a new arrival in which the visiting investigator solves the mystery, Cedar Valley, and before it Goodwood, solve their mysteries internally. All that you will learn in Cedar Valley you will learn from the inhabitants of Cedar Valley, old and new. And that is a very satisfying journey.”

Join the discussion about Cedar Valley by Holly Throsby at Orange City Library on Wednesday 14th November at 5.30pm. Please RSVP online through eventbrite or call the library on 6393 8132.

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