June Read: Main Street

The next book for discussion is our “classic” read Main Street by Sinclair Lewis to be held at Orange City Library on Wednesday 12 June. Don’t forget to RSVP online through Eventbrite.com or call the Library on 6393 8132.

From Sinclair Lewis:

Main Street, published late in 1920, was my first novel to rouse the embattled peasantry and, as I have already hinted, it had really a success of scandal. One of the most treasured American myths had been that all American villages were peculiarly noble and happy, and here an American attacked that myth. Scandalous. Some hundreds of thousands read the book with the same masochistic pleasure that one has in sucking an aching tooth.”

Project Gutenberg has a free download of Main Street. Find it here: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/543

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