Main Street Comments

In 1930 Sinclair Lewis became the first writer from the United States to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, which was awarded “for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humour, new types of characters.”

Pageturners scored the book in a range from 2 to 4.5 out of 5.

Once again there was so much to talk about. Some Pageturners loved the detailed descriptions, the character portrayals and storyline. While others found it dense, long-winded and bogged down. In the discussion we talked about small towns, American life in the 1920s, class distinctions and a female character frustrated with married life.

Comparisons were drawn with the main character Carol Kennicott and those in literature of Madam Bovary and Anna Karenina and the style likened to Charles Dickens.

Comments included “challenging language, lots of things didn’t follow through, everything she tried didn’t work, loved the Village Virus, dense and wordy, it challenged me, gobsmacked by the language, there was a power shift in the marriage, she had unreal expectations, time moved fast, I didn’t get very far into it, the Dr was well drawn and his life as a GP, excellent, great portrait of Gopher Prairie, loved the newspaper items, so much happened, it was too slow, hard to read – it’s a century old, I liked the book, lovely phrases and observations, he gets right inside Carol’s head, good picture of small town life,  very Peyton Place,  I just wanted Carol to get on with it, it was an insight into how to make a marriage work, it was too long a read – a huge edit is required,  I peservered with it, it has acerbic wit,  just delightful, I felt I was bombarded with an avalanche of facts.”

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th July at 5.30pm for a chat about books nominated for the Miles Franklin Literary Award. We will also try to pick the winner from the list.

Upcoming reads:

  • 10th July – Miles Franklin Literary Award longlisted books
  • 14th August – Books by Meg Keneally including Fled
  • 11th September – Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver

Here are some Main Street book covers:

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