Author Lean Swann Online

Leah Swann is an award-winning fiction author, journalist and speechwriter. Her debut novel Sheerwater was published by Harper Collins in 2020. Join us for a night with Leah Swann and Better Reading. Leah will be live – Wednesday 3 June at 8pm – on the Better Reading facebook page talking about her emotional and powerful new book Sheerwater.

​​Swann was the inaugural first place winner of the Overland Story Wine Prize for her story That Inward Eye. Her literary fiction and essays have been published in MeanjinThe Best Australian StoriesThe World To Come, Australian Love Stories, Award Winning Australian Writingpage seventeenReview of Australian Fiction, Australian Country Style, Reflecting on MelbourneThe Herald, The Daily Liberal and Masthead. 

Her critically acclaimed collection of stories, Bearings, was published by Affirm Press in 2011 and praised by author Amanda Lohrey as ‘masterly.

Her much-loved fantasy series for middle grade readers, Irina: The Trilogy, was published by XOUM between 2012 and 2015, with some young readers calling it ‘the best book since Harry Potter.”

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