Patrick Mullins Online

Award-winning author Patrick Mullins joins the State Library for a special online edition of Going Places — Authors on Tour, Patrick will talk about his award-winning book, Tiberius with a Telephone: The Life and Stories of William McMahon online Saturday 20 June at 3pm.

Billy McMahon is usually recalled today for his ears and for losing the 1972 election to Gough Whitlam, and for a dress that his glamorous wife Sonia wore to a dinner at the White House. He was disliked by many of his colleagues and despised by the journalists to whom he often leaked. He is widely regarded as Australia’s worst prime minister. Tiberius with a Telephone offers the full story of McMahon’s life and lengthy career and traces his political fortunes through the huge upheavals, contests, and events of Australia in the twentieth century. 

This event is supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund. 

Register here

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