Lying Life of Adults

Described as a powerful new novel set in a divided Naples by Elena Ferrante, the beloved best-selling author of My Brilliant Friend, Pageturners had plenty to talk about with The Lying Life of Adults.

The Lunchtime Pageturners Group had mixed feeling about the book. Comments inlcuded: “Don’t know why it is getting rave reviews, what is there to like?Author very clever – the girl was anxious, annoying – I kept saying stop it, it was unexpected but I persevered, had an impact on me mentally and emotionally, out of my comfort zone, Ferrante very clever to put us in the mind of a girl, her mood was up and down, huge drama, everything was a drama, very skillful, the language was a theme about the different dialects, the picture she painted of Naples, tension between classes, really enjoyed it, the bracelet was a bad luck charm – bad for whoever had it – it symbolised the Lying Life of Adults – you were a prisoner if you owned it, you didn’t really know the truth of the bracelet, the voice best captures teenage girls, she was obsessed with her parents,

don’t like the book, the girls actions were selfish, obsessive, self-serving. it was an uncomfortable book, everything unraveled, she put Roberto on a pedestal, it was a pageturner, didn’t like the style of writing – too disjointed, long sentences, she was overthinking everything in her head, unrealistic storyline, here is truth in the title.”

The average rating was 3 out of five.

November Lunchtime Read

The next book for discussion will be the newly released book by internationally bestselling Australian author Trent Dalton titled All Our Shimmering Skies on Wednesday 11 November 12.30pm – 1.30pm. Book your place here or call Jasmine at Orange City Library on 6393 8125.


So the Evening Pageturners Discussion Group also had mixed feelings on The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante. They praised the writing but said they felt little connection with the dislikable characters.

Comments included: “How? Why? is this book a bestseller and so popular? I did not enjoy it, I didn’t hate it, I was conscious it was a translation, it made me feel uncomfortable, adults do lie and she could lie with the best of them, it just went on and on,  you never find out if Vittoria is really ugly or is it her character that’s ugly, there were some good parts, it has glowing reviews, everyone was ugly and self-indulgent and self-absorbed, not likeable at all, detested this book, the language didn’t match a young teenage girl,  captured the insecurities of a teenager,  there are other ways to write about these themes of teenage angst that are not so tedious, the bracelet was a symbol of things being impermanent, you could read into it a lot of things, it was so detailed, well I loved it, it was so passionate, every character was so complicated, there was layer upon layer of complications in all the relationships, I really was caught up in the story and her  feelings about everything that happened to her and that she instigated,  that ugly comment was shattering to her, Roberto was perfect, it was more of a ladies book, I didn’t like one single character, it was toxic and negative.”

And the ratings were a fairly low average of 2 out of five.

November Evening Read

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 November at 5.30pm – 7pm to discuss James Baldwin’s American classic novel Go Tell It on the Mountain. It is Baldwin’s first major work, published in 1953 and recently re-published. Book your place for the meeting here or call Jasmine at Orange City Library on 6393 8125.

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