Tell it on the Mountain Discussion

Pageturners enjoyed their discussion of Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin at the November evening meeting.

It describes the course of the 14th birthday of John Grimes in Harlem, 1935. Baldwin also uses extended flashback episodes to recount the lives of John’s parents and aunt and to link this urban boy in the north to his slave grandmother in an earlier South.

The Pageturners comments included: “far too much religion, it lost me, religion was a huge part of their lives, hypocrisy of religion, intense characters, it made an impression, very intense, symbolic power, felt for the wives and the children, it is about power and control, corruption, highlights the reality for women, shows the huge hold religion can have on people, amazing it all happens in the space of one day, loved how the story was told by weaving back through the lives of characters, loved Aunt Florence, nothing has changed, there needed to be less hollering and more telling of the story, religion gave them hope.

And as usual our discussion digressed and it didn’t take long before we were talking about Trump and US elections, a recent ABC 4 Corners episode about women in politics, morals, behaviour, Bill Clinton, Hollywood and more.

Our 5 star ratings ranged from 2.5 to 4.

And here’s a review from The Guardian.

The next meeting wlll be held on Wednesday 9 December at 5.30pm to talk about All Our Shimmering Skies by Trent Dalton. Please book your place.

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