March Evening Chat: The Living Sea…

Pageturners held an interesting discussion about Richard Flanagan’s latest book The Living Sea of Waking Dreams. It is a story for our times about a dying mother and her children, their relationships and our dying planet.

Pageturners comments included: “No. just no, better things to do with my life, there was no punctuation, not a fan, the story mimics what we do to the planet, it was bleak and hopeless, I appreciated it, it was tortured and forced, its was so complex, it was mystical, the missing body parts!, we were bombarded with the environmental issues, I liked discovering the family dynamics, it was very clever, it was emotional with layers, the dray was a recurring theme.”

The February discussion on this book included conversations about our disappearing selves, the impact of social media, that we are tested by suffering, and what happens when you don’t live your best, authentic life. Some compared it to All Our Shimmering Skies by Trent Dalton.  And interestingly some said it left them with a sense of hope.

Ratings this week ranged from 2.5 to 4s. So another Pageturners book that generated much discussion and varying views.

Further reading and listening:

The Guardian Review

And Better Reading Podcast with Richard Flanagan

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